Hidden Agendas

In the internet age where information dissemination seems all-effective, if not all-pervasive, “the sheer magnitude of the potential electronic archive … renders illusory the idea that ‘accessibility’ via the web equates to reception; indeed a great deal about how the web has evolved and is now organized stands opposed to such an idea at every level,” not to mention the obvious fact that “no archive … is ever a surrogate for the ongoing task of critical reception” (Hidden Agendas: Unreported Poetics, ed. Louis Armand, p.1). It is precisely this easy accessibility stymying receptive—not to mention critical—distance that has institutionalized the contemporary avant-garde and seems to have rendered most of today’s radical innovation “virtually invisible.” The quandary, for Armand, lies then in how the vast electronic archive “obliges us to be, in some respect, complicit in the delegation of critical reception ‘to it,’ allowing ourselves to become blind to whatever is not yet assimilable within its present structures […]—however improbable this may be made to appear…” / From David Vichnar’s “Seven Types of Marginality: A Review of Hidden Agendas” originally published in Big Bridge 15.

Hidden Agendas: Unreported Poetics brings together writings on Edwin Denby, Mark Hyatt, Bern Porter, Asa Benveniste, Lukas Tomin, William Bronk, Gilbert Sorrentino, Robbie Walker, Bob Cobbing, Paddy Roe, Philip Whalen, Loop Poetics, Cyberpoetics, Flarf and other fringe poets and poetics from the 1960s to the present. Contributors include Ali Alizadeh, Louis Armand, Livio Beloi, Jeremy Davies, Stephan Delbos, Michel Delville, Johanna Drucker, Michael Farrel, Allen Fisher, Vincent Katz, Stephen Muecke, Jena Osman, Michael Rothenberg, Lou Rowan, Kyle Schlesinger, Robert Shepperd, Stephanie Strickland, John Wilkinson.

Read Jena Osman’s “Bern Porter: Recycling the Atmosphere” online at bernporter.com.

Vincent Katz’s “Visiting Edwin Dendy’s Mediterranean Cities” online at Sibila: Poesie e Cultura.

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