The Great Downtown Shredding Machine Massacre

Presented in collaboration with London’s Book Works, art theorist, novelist, filmmaker Stewart Home’s first retrospective recently took place at White Columns, New York, and at SPACE, London.”Roared on by the likes of Iain Sinclair and Jenny Turner (who, in the London Review of Books, once declared: ‘I really don’t think anyone who is at all interested in the study of literature has any business not knowing the work of Stewart Home’), he’s a one-man awkward squad whose adventures in perverse outsiderdom and menacing wind-up tactics place him in the English heretical tradition of the K Foundation, David Britton and Michael Butterworth’s Savoy Books, and James (The Caretaker) Kirby’s mid-‘90s incarnation as boss of the V/VM label that spewed out crude, copyright-infringing anti-tributes to the likes of the Queen Mother and the Aphex Twin.” –Sukhdev Sandhu, “A Stewart Home Retrospective,” Frieze.


Read Stewart Home in VLAK 3.


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