Prague Microfest 2013

The fifth annual Prague Microfestival of poetry will take place May 12-14 at K4, the Charles University student club. The festival celebrates new and innovative poetry that ventures into the realm of experimentation and the visual arts, unfettered by the narrow boundaries of national literatures. This year it will present twelve authors from all over the world in the company of several musicians of renown. Thanks to the partnership with the Czech book fair and literary festival Svět knihy, six expatriate authors from Prague will join them on May 15 in presenting some of the best contemporary writing from Europe and beyond.  The event will be fully bilingual, with readings both in Czech and English.


This year’s guest of honor will be Alice Notley, the 1998 Pulitzer-prize finalist and recipient of many other prizes. Notley is an American who has been living in Paris since 1992. Her poetry teems with lyricism and humor, but her work is also attentive to the problems of contemporary world. Her opening-night reading on Sunday, May 12 responds to the issues of genocide and the position of women.


Paal Bjelke Andersen is a well-known conceptual writer from Norway who utilizes found texts as tools for social and political commentary. Apart from his reading at K4 on May 14, he will also give a lecture on conceptual literature at Tranzit Display (Diettrichova 9/337, Prague 2) at 18:00.


The event will also feature authors such as Aleš Čermák, a young Czech visual artist experimenting with text, Zuzana Husárová and her intermedia project LIMINAL, Ondřej Buddeus, Trevor Joyce, Adam Borzič, Susana Gardner, Jeroen Nieuwland, Bjarte Alvestad, and Robert Kiely, among others.


Readings begin each night at 19.00 at K4 and will be followed by free live music.  Visitors can look forward to performances by Ondřej Galuška, Michel Delville, Ondřej Štveráček, Ken Nash and others, all free of charge. The full program and further information may be found at


The festival is made possible by the support from the City of Prague Council.

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