Bravura Cool

BRAVURA COOL by VLAK co-editor Jane Lewty, recently released from 1913 Press… “these poems perform an alchemical process upon language no less profound, to the lover of poetry, than is our scientifically-oriented peers’ eternal […] search for new periodic elements and subatomic particles. Yet what startles most about Bravura Cool is that it does not read as a parade of erudition, though a more erudite collection of verse in English one would be at great pains to find. Instead, Lewty’s presentation is of a life lived by and through the capacities and incapacities of language, which must therefore patrol every borderline and dimension of a word–the sensual, the transcendent, the grammatical, the lexical, and the connotative alike–to acknowledge its implicit autobiographical function” (Seth Abramson, Huffington Post).

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