Thirty Australian Poets

Felicity Plunkett’s Thirty Australian Poets (UQP) is a landmark anthology celebrating a new generation of Australian poets born after 1968, including Ali Alizadeh, Kate Fagan, Michael Brennan, Claire Potter, Samual Wagan-Watson and Cameron Lowe. “Thirty Australian Poets  offers a broad selection from the politically conscious reach of Louis Armand to the more enclosed poems of L. K. Holt and the imaginative Emma Jones and Kate Middleton. There are many fine, previously unanthologised, poets collected here” (Saturday Age). On the state of contemporary innovative poetry in Australia, see Ali Alizadeh’sAvant-Garde in the Antipodesin VLAK 2, also featuring new work by Ania Walwicz, Gig Ryan, Matt Hetherington, Michael Farrell, Pam Brown, D.J. Huppatz, among others. Pam Brown’s selection of “51 Australian Poets” recently appeared in Jacket2.

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